What is Shorei-Kan Budo Kaisai?

  Seikichi Toguchi (18 yrs)

The Shorei-Kan School was established by Master Seikichi Toguchi (1917-1998), senior student of Master Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953). The school was established to provide a system by which the student could make systematic progress in learning how to perform the very sophisticated art of Goju-Ryu (hard/soft style). Step by step the student advances from learning how to walk to learning how to slide, from defending against a punch to defending against weapons. Before learning the complex classical Goju-Ryu forms, the student practices a series of Katas and two person forms unique to Shorei-Kan and designed to help him or her advance to a thorough and solidly founded knowledge of the art. At Each level of instruction, from white, to green, to brown, to black belt and beyond, the student learns new kata (form), bunkai (applied form) and kiso kumite (pred fighting) – each a building block for the next.

Shorei-Kan invites participation from both beginning students and advanced martial artists. It is for people from all ages and walks of life. The curriculum allows children to practice slowly, as in a game or sport; allows young people to practice hard to build physical strength and mental patience; and allows mature adults to pursue physical conditioning and the mastering of techniques. The close supervision of Sensei McInturff insures the effectiveness of the Shorei-Kan system.

At Shorei-Kan, students learn the meaning of the defense movements hidden in the kata through two-person forms called bunkai, which are, in effect, two person katas. Prearranged fighting forms are also studied (kiso kumite) as well as the art of Okinawan weaponry (kobudo).

Training in the art of Shorei-Kan Kaisai requires discipline, control and strengthening of both physical and mental energies toward the goal of a “state of enlightenment” and physical excellence.

Okinawan Kobudo is the study of ancient Okinawan weapons. The cirriculum includes the study of weaponry such as Bo, Tonfa, Sai, Nunchaku, Kama, Kai, etc. The Shorei-Kai system, created by Master Toshio Tamano, allows students, from the novice to advanced, to practice the art of Kobudo.

Toshio Tamano (left) and Seikichi Toguchi (right)

Toshio Tamano (left) and Seikichi Toguchi (right)